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How To Cut Celery – Beginner’s Demonstration


This video will demonstrate how to cut celery. All you’ll need is a sharp knife and a chopping board to get started! This is a beginner lesson for those starting out in the world of cooking.

How to cut celery

Cutting celery is one of the easier techniques you’ll need to learn. However, it’s a vegetable that gets used in a huge number of recipes so it’s important to cut it correctly.

To start with, cut the white end off the bunch. Next you can slice off the leaves – they’re fine to eat in salads, tossed into a casserole or used for flavour in a stock.

Now that you have a bunch of evenly sized celery stalks, place then on a chopping board and slice the whole bunch at the same time. It allows you to cut multiple stalks at the same time and speeds up preparation time. Of course, you can cut individual stalks if that’s all the recipe calls for.

For most recipes the best option is to cut horizontal pieces. In some cases, such as for stir-fries or salads, you may want to cut lengthwise for a nicer appearance.

It’s important to get the size of the slices uniform and not too big or small. If they’re odd sizes then some pieces will cook faster than others.

To get all the details watch the video above now.