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Food always has been, and always will be, a huge part of most peoples lives. Cuisinevault helps you make better food.

Recipes are great, especially when you’re new to cooking. But this website is about deepening your learning so that if a dish doesn’t turn our right, you can work out why. It gives you freedom from cook books because you’ll start to piece together how ingredients can work together. You’ll learn to create food that everyone wants to be a part of.

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Introducing the team

Nate TeagueNate Teague
Editor & Writer

Nate is the creator of Cuisinevault and has built the website into a popular cooking resource. He loves to spend time in the kitchen with his daughter baking whatever comes into her head. When he isn’t in the kitchen, Nate’s out on the trails running.

Jane WilheimJane Wilheim
Content Creative

Jane is tasked with creating exciting recipes and information that people want to read. She is the creative spark! If you have a question then ask Jane. She may create an article, video or infographic that will rock your world.

Many JohansenMary Johansen

Mary is our newest team member at Cuisinevault. Since leaving school she embarked on a food writing career and eventually landed with us. Her ability to turn complex cooking techniques into simple steps shouldn’t be underestimated.

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We’re not just another recipe site

Cuisinevault puts the spotlight on ingredients to give you everything you need to know about a specific food type. We provide information on food topics that aren’t excessively written about. Think articles that you won’t find on the big recipe sites and step by step guides to help you master a specific cooking technique.

Some of what we offer

RecipesDelicious recipes for popular and lesser known cuisines.

Ultimate guidesMassive guides on topics less written about.

Kitchen skillsArticles to help you improve cooking technique.

Cooking hacksFun kitchen tips and hacks.

AppliancesOccasional reviews on appliances and kitchen tools.

Video contentLoads of video content and infographics.

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