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8 Goldschlager Substitutes For Drinks & Food

Substitute for Goldschlager

Goldschlager is a sweet, cinnamon-flavored schnapps liqueur with a hot and spicy undertone. This syrupy, clear Swiss drink has gold leaf flakes which give it a unique appearance. It is ideal to sip quietly next to a winter fire or for spicing up cocktails at your next ski lodge party.

Goldschlager can be a challenge to find in some countries and it’s also expensive. If you’re looking for an alternative liquor, then keep reading. We’ve created a handy list of Goldschlager substitutes for any drinks and cooking.

What can I use instead of Goldschlager?

To replace Goldschlager you can use an alternative cinnamon schnapps brand like Bols, Goldwasser, Aftershock, or De Kuyper. For a no-alcohol replacement in cocktails and cooking try a cinnamon cocktail essence. You can also make your own low-cost version of Goldschlager by combining LiquorQuik Goldrush Cinnamon Schnapps Essence with sugar and vodka.

1. Cinnamon schnapps

Most folks looking to replace Goldschlager want a cheaper alternative that won’t ruin the taste of their next cocktail. Here are some decent brands of cinnamon schnapps you can try in your next Flame and Spice or Apple Pie cocktails.

  • Bols Gold Strike: a popular option that also has gold flakes.
  • Goldwasser: has additional herbaceous notes that many diehard Goldschlager fans don’t enjoy.
  • Aftershock: A mix of spicy and cool in one mouthful. Considered a less blingy version of Goldy.
  • De Kuyper: Affordable, well-respected brand perfect for shots or mixed with hot apple cider.
  • Hiram Walker: An American-made cinnamon schnapps liqueur with orange and vanilla notes.
  • Arrow: A crisp, clean cinnamon liqueur made using a unique filtration method.
  • Defrost: Red hot cinnamon; excellent for drinking straight up or on the rocks.

2. Cinnamon cocktail flavoring

If you want to spice up cocktails then try a cinnamon cocktail essence. They’re a low-cost option that allow you to add cinnamon flavor to drinks.

Keep in mind that some cinnamon flavorings are a type of bitters so they’ll contain low levels of alcohol.

For a non-alcoholic way to get the taste of Goldschlager, buy a bottle of Hot Cinnamon Schnapps made by Still Spirits. You can add this to your favorite mocktails to make delicious drinks like a Hot Gold Apple Cider.

Of course, you can also mix the Still Spirits essence into a neutral spirit like vodka. The flavor will be harsher and the alcohol content stronger than schnapps so use a little less when mixing into other drinks.

3. LiquorQuik

LiquorQuik produces a wide range of essences for flavoring spirits including Goldrush Cinnamon Schnapps. It is an excellent option for replacing Goldschlager. You get the hot and sweet cinnamon flavor as well as real gold flakes, like the original bottle.

To make a Goldschlager substitute, combine the bottle with sugar and vodka. If you can make your own neutral spirit using a moonshine kit, then you’ll be able to make seriously cheap schnapps.

4. Cinnamon whiskey

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to cinnamon whiskey, but you’ll do well to choose Fireball. Get a similar cinnamon flavor that comes from Goldschlager, with the added smokey, complex taste of whiskey.

Although the two liquors are different, that won’t stop you from taking shots or making delicious drinks like the Aftershock or Hot Damn! Many people consider Fireball to be a smoother drink with a better cinnamon taste than Goldschlager. The best part is, you’ll save a few bucks by making the swap.

Other cinnamon whiskeys worth noting include Firewater, Tennessee Fire, Red Stag Spiced, Yukon Jack Wicked Hot, or Jeremiah Weed.

Spiced whiskey next to cinnamon sticks and other spices

5. Cannella Spirits

Cannella produces a bottle of cinnamon cordial that’s nothing like the regular version. This is a hand-crafted premium product that is perfect for sipping as a digestive or mixed into craft cocktails.

Canella combines brandy with neutral spirits and spices. A blend of four different varieties of cinnamon from around the world is also added to the mix. The result is a clean-tasting cinnamon liqueur without the cloying syrupy consistency you get from many liqueurs.

This bottle isn’t a great choice if you’re looking for a cheaper option than Goldschlager. But it has the cinnamon-front taste and will work deliciously as a replacement in a Rooster Cocktail or Atomic Bourbon. Sipping it on its own is probably the best way to appreciate the fine blend of flavors though.

6. Spiced Rum

If you’re in a pinch, spiced rum will work in cocktails or dessert recipes. Sailor Jerry offers a bold taste of cinnamon and cloves without the sweetness. Alternatively, Captain Morgan has a bit more bite with a caramel and vanilla undertone. The best choice will come down to personal taste preferences.

7. deZir Cinnamon Liqueur

If you don’t enjoy the burn that comes from your average bottle of cinnamon spirit, deZir may be a good alternative. This is a smooth-tasting liquor that’s sweet and spicy. It’s great for making drinks like Crack Shot, Capeta, Cinnamon Toasty Shot, or Oatmeal Cookie Shooter.

8. Peligroso Cinnamon

If you enjoy tequila and don’t like the taste of Goldschlager cinnamon liqueur, then Peligroso Cinnamon may be the right substitute for you. It is made by infusing pure cinnamon and a range of secret ingredients with agave blanco tequila. A pleasant balance of spicy and sweet

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Fast facts about Goldschlager

  • Goldschlager is a type of cinnamon schnapps that is 43.5% alcohol by volume. It is a clear liqueur with tiny flakes of gold that are perfectly edible.
  • It was produced in Switzerland until the brand was acquired by Diageo and began being made in Italy.
  • The word “Goldschlager” means “gold beater”. This is a reference to the profession of gold leaf making where bars are beaten into thin sheets.
  • The original cinnamon schnapps brand was Goldwasser which started in 1598. Gold was originally thought to cure certain diseases, but it is now only added for appearance.

Summing up

Goldschlager features in plenty of cocktails and shooters, but it’s not always easy to find and the price won’t appeal to everyone. If you need a replacement then some other popular cinnamon schnapps brands are Bols, Goldwasser, Aftershock, or De Kuyper.

For a low-cost option, find a cinnamon cocktail flavoring or essence. You can mix these with sugar and a spirit like vodka.