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What To Serve With Cabbage Rolls – 10 Best Sides

What to serve with cabbage rolls

Some of the best food comes as a roll: Swiss roll, sausage roll, tootsie roll and cabbage roll. Okay, so cabbage roll doesn’t exactly have an appetizing ring to it, but don’t be too quick to judge until you’ve tried one.

The humble cabbage roll is a savory masterpiece; it’s delicious and also has the potential to be healthy if you choose the fillings wisely. Prized by the Persians, revered by the Russians and polished off by the Poles: this savory staple is mouth-watering plate of palatable perfection.

If you’ve decided to make a batch of these rolls for dinner then kudos to you! But now for the inevitable question that pops up… what to serve with cabbage rolls? If that’s your dilemma then keep reading. We’ve compiled a divine list of 10 simple sides that’ll complement your cabbage leaf rolls.

What To Serve With Cabbage Rolls

1Bean Salad

2Fresh Bread

3Sliced Cucumber

4Garlic Bread

5Mashed Potato

6Pumpkin Soup

7Rice Salad

8Sautéed Vegetables

9Stuffed Bell Peppers

10Waldorf Salad