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What Is The Best Tomato Knife in 2021?

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Slicing tomatoes on a chopping board.

A tomato knife is an indispensable tool in the kitchen that will make your vegetable preparation a cinch. The serrated blade is a piece of engineering brilliance, allowing the home chef to slice in a back and forward motion horizontally, rather than downwards. It slices through tomato skin and flesh without bruising or damaging the fruit in any way. This ability is quite a feat because tomatoes are delicate and easily damaged when they reach peak ripeness.

Although not every knife that is made for chopping tomatoes has a serrated edge, it is a common feature. If your knife’s blade is flat, then you’ll need to maintain the edge so that it is super sharp. Anything less won’t be very effective.

Slicing tomatoes and capsicums on a board.A tomato knife will often feature prongs at its tip. The points are useful for transferring perfect slices of tomato without damaging them. Of course, it is also handy to use these prongs when cutting cheese.

Tomato knives aren’t solely used for tomatoes. They also make a useful paring knife, suitable for small vegetable and fruit preparation. Onions, lemons, and other fruit like plums are all easily chopped. Even eggs that need to be neatly sliced for a salad will turn out perfect.

The Top 5 Tomato Knives

Wüsthof Classic IKONEditor's pickA++View on Amazon
Rada Cutlery Tomato KnifeBest budget knifeA+View on Amazon
Victorinox Tomato KnifeBest allrounderA+View on Amazon
Global GS-9 Tomato KnifeBest mid-rangeAView on Amazon
Pure Komachi 2 SeriesWorthy mentionA-View on Amazon

We decided to test a range of tomato knives suitable for use in the home kitchen to find out which is the best. Keep reading to find out what we discovered.

1. Wüsthof Classic IKON Tomato Knife

Wusthof WU4136Editor’s Pick
The Wusthof WU4136 may require a bigger investment, but it is the best knife we tested by far. The premium handle and blade offer excellent balance, so handling the knife is effortless. Novice home cooks through to seasoned chefs will appreciate the ease of use.

The 5” high-carbon stainless steel blade impresses with a Rockwell 58 hardness. Many French chef knives of good quality have a rating of 54-56. Wustof’s high rating means it will last a long time before it needs to be sharpened. On the flip side, once the blade becomes blunt, you’ll need some advanced skills to sharpen it.

Like a cheese knife, the Wüsthof offers a tip that is forked. Two prongs allow for the user to move the sliced vegetables to another plate with ease. When you’ve sliced extremely fine tomato pieces, using fingers can easily squash them. This issue won’t occur with the prongs.


  • Prongs, so fingers aren’t needed to move the slices.
  • An exceptional stainless steel blade
  • Impressive balance, suitable for small or large hands.


  • Sharpening takes some skill to master
  • A less affordable option

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2. Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicing Knife

Rada tomato knife

Best Budget Knife
The Rada Cutlery Tomato Knife is a popular option for good reason. It’s a quality built, sharp knife that is within range of those on a lower budget.

Its impressive 5” blade is made from surgical grade, high carbon stainless steel. This material makes it very sharp, and you won’t need to worry about frequent re-sharpening. The dual serrated blade is handy, allowing left or right-handers to cut straight and clean every time.

The brushed aluminum handle looks impressive and is comfortable to hold. The downside to this material is that it will need to be hand-washed.

Best of all, the Rada comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The company that makes this knife is based in the United States and has been in operation since 1948. They have an enviable reputation in the cutlery niche.


  • Quality carbon blade that is sharp and effective
  • Lifetime guarantee from an American manufacturer
  • Dishwasher safe to make cleaning up a breeze
  • Made in the United States


  • No prongs make transferring the chopped pieces more of a challenge.
  • Not dishwasher safe

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3. Victorinox Tomato Knife

Victorinox tomato knifeBest allrounder
The Victorinox Tomato Knife is superior amongst its peers as an all-round option. While its price is comparative to other low-cost brands, its Swiss-manufactured workmanship is second to none. The durable Fibrox handle is slip-resistant and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort while providing optimal balance.

You’ll find the serrated blade is a little smaller than the others on this list, being 4.25” (11cm). However, it is light in hand – a feature that is likely to appeal to those with smaller hands. Working your way through 10 pounds of beefsteak tomatoes won’t result in a trip to the Emergency Room!

The Victorinox will look good in any kitchen with a selection of stylish colors, including white, black, red, and yellow.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not ideal for larger hands
  • Shorter blade

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4. Global GS-9 Tomato Knife

Global GS-9 knifeBest mid-range

The Global knife brand is synonymous with precision and quality. It is manufactured in Japan by Yoshida Metal Industry, a company that has built a solid reputation in kitchen knives since 1954.

The Global GS-9 is made from hardened stainless steel that has been ice-tempered. What you get from this knife is impressive efficiency – a tool that will stay sharp and get the job done for longer than most other blades at a similar price range.

We love this knife for its stylish look that departs from the traditional looking tomato knife. A sleek looking handle is surprisingly light, thanks to the hollow inside.

Measuring 3” in length, the serrated blade is relatively small. Anything bigger than a tomato will be a challenge to cut easily. If you need an allrounder for larger fruit and vegetables, then consider the Wüsthof or Rada, discussed above.


  • Remarkable looking knife
  • Premium quality materials
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Light, well-balanced handle


  • Relatively small blade
  • Handle holes can be tedious to clean

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5. Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife

Pure Komachi 2 SeriesWorthy mention
The Pure Komachi 2 Series is an eye-catching, brightly colored tomato knife that also excels at cutting cheese. At 4” in length, it’s another small knife, and its lightweight handle makes it suitable for cooks with smaller hands.

The high carbon stainless steel blade is serrated and razor-sharp, ideal for making short work of tomato preparation. It also has a non-stick coating that makes cleanup much easier and prevents corrosion over time.


  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Affordable product
  • Very sharp blade
  • Includes a case
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Challenging to sharpen once blunted
  • Relatively small

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Final words

A tomato knife is a tool that is likely to get used regularly in the kitchen for vegetable preparation. Although it is designed for neatly slicing tomato, it has many other uses when cooking. It can be used like a paring knife on practically any type of small fruit or vegetable. Food like cheese, eggs, and even small bread rolls are also easy work for this knife.

Why would you want to spend money adding another tool to your knife set? Surely a chef’s knife or Santoku will do the job? From our tests, unless they’re incredibly sharp, they tend to squash the tomato – especially when dealing with soft, ripe tomatoes and fruit with a similar texture like plums. A serrated tomato knife is the right tool for the job. Also, holding a large knife for an hour cutting tomato can be tiresome, hard work. A lightweight purpose-built knife is much easier to wield.

The Wusthof WU4136 is the best knife we tested, offering a mixture of style, quality, comfort, and extreme cutting power. For a more affordable option, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the Victorinox Tomato Knife. This is a sharp knife that will serve you well thanks to its quality Swiss manufacturing.

A couple of other brands you may want to consider are Cangshan or Shun. They have also developed reputations for making excellent products that last. Although we didn’t have time to buy and test these options, we did spend several hours researching them online. In general, people gave very positive reviews.

Do you have a favorite brand of tomato knife? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll check it out and may add it to this review if it stands out.

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