In this article, we look at the two leading single-serve coffee machines brands, Keurig and Verismo, to help you decide which one is best.

A coffee pod (capsule) machine produces espresso coffee. Once you pop a pod into the machine, the water is heated and then forced through the pod which releases the coffee flavor.

Coffee pods are good for one use and must then be disposed of.

Benefits of a capsule machine: Offers a simple, mess free method for making coffee. Brewing a cup takes only a few seconds.

A quick introduction

It’s fair to say that Americans enjoy coffee, spending over $12.5 billion¹ in 2017 of the stuff.

Although drip brew coffee from the local diner has been a popular way to get a much-needed caffeine hit, times have changed. Making coffee at home with a pod coffee machine is a lot more convenient and will save you money over time. In fact, 41% off coffee drinkers owned a single-cup coffee brewing machine in 2018, according to the National Coffee Association².

If you drink at least one coffee a week then buying a coffee machine makes sense. Single-serve coffee machines offer the perfect mid-point. They make much better coffee than instant, but they’re significantly cheaper than a full coffee system that can easily run into the thousands of dollars!

The leading brand of pod machine currently on the market is Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker (owned by Keurig Dr Pepper). According to Associated Press, over one in five households in the U.S. choose the K-Cup brand to get their caffeine fix. There have been various other brands that have tried to topple this “caffeine creating giant” but the current brand in 2nd place is the Starbucks Verismo System.

Verismo Vs Keurig compared

The question is: Keurig Vs Verismo, which is best to use your hard earned cash on? It’s easy to assume that Keurig is the best based on its market dominance. But just because they sell a lot of coffee appliances, we can’t assume their product is superior. We’ll leave no stone unturned in this review of best pod coffee makers.

An infographic that compares the Verismo and Keurig pod coffee makers.Features to look for in a good machine

  • Variety of pods
  • Coffee maker features
  • Brew strength
  • Capacity
  • Digital controls

Review of Keurig Coffee maker

Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee MakerThe Keurig K-Classic is a big step up from its predecessor thanks to new and improved K-Cup pods. The new version has labelling on the pod’s rim which is readable by the Keurig. Once you insert the pod into the slot, the machine knows exactly what type of beverage you’re wanting. Pretty cool technology.

The Keurig offers 3 different models which differ based on cup size, water reservoir capacity and the quality of the touchscreen display.

Features available in all models

• Suitable for a range of cup sizes from 4-10oz.
• Auto on/off selection.
• Control the strength of your coffee using a selector.
• Automatic pod settings or set your own manually.
• Quality touchscreen that makes beverage selection easy.
• Make coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider and much more.

What we like about the Keurig

Build quality

A solid built machine that does what it’s meant to do. Pump out coffee after coffee with minimal fuss.

Pod options

Keurig compatible pods are available from a wide selection of companies that produce coffee pods so you’ll never be short on new blends. Some alternatives include Folgers, Caribou and Starbucks.

Pod refills

Save money, and the environment, by refilling your pods with your own ground coffee.
Quick to warm up and start producing coffee

Review of the Verismo Coffee System

Starbucks Verismo SystemThe Verismo is actually a pretty well built coffee maker which looks stylish on your kitchen bench and produces a good brew with ease.

The first difference you’ll notice when using the Verismo coffee machine is the lack of cup size options. The user can make either an espresso shot or a ten ounce cup of your preferred beverage. If you’re the type that has that same standard cup every day this won’t be a big issue at all though.

The Verismo takes a little longer to warm up also. For at home use this probably isn’t a big deal. If it’s used in a fast-paced office the increased wait time may be frustrating for some.

Features of the Verismo

• Quality built appliance.
• Make latte using the milk pod frother (sold separately).
• Dual pressure: produce espresso at high pressure.
• Water reservoir capacity: 77.7oz

What we like about the Verismo

A solid built machine that does what it’s meant to do. Pump out coffee after coffee with minimal fuss.

What we don’t like

The best part about coffee (other than the caffeine hit) is trying out new blends. Unfortunately the Verismo is very limited in which pods you can use – it’s Starbucks pods or nothing. Admittedly, they do offer a great selection of flavors but it’s still good to have the flexibility to use different branded pods.

Refillable pods aren’t an option with the Verismo coffee maker.

Coffee quote
Life’s too short for bad coffee.

Which coffee maker makes the best brew?

When it comes to flavor, there will always be differences of opinion. In a group of 10 people I’m sure there would be no consensus on which coffee tastes better. In saying that, my personal preference was Verismo. The coffee tasted excellent for a single-serve coffee made without any expensive equipment. Actually, it tasted similar to the version made in-store at Starbucks (only cheaper!).

The Keurig produces a good cup of coffee also; but its major advantage is that it is compatible with many other K-Cup coffee pod producers. You could make a different blend of coffee for every day of the year. Even if you don’t need a lot of variety in your coffee, it is nice to know that you have a good selection for when visitors come over.

A Comparison of price per cup

Based on cost, the Keurig coffee system is significantly cheaper than Verismo. You do need to take into account that there are often promotions in store as well as bulk-buy deals that can drastically reduce the cost per pod. However, looking at general non-promoted pricing you’re looking at around $1 for a Verismo pod. Compare that to K-Cups which tend to range from $0.40 to $0.80 per pod.

Choosing an overall winner

I’d have to go with the Keurig K-Classic based on selection of coffee pods, cup size, build quality, reputation, cost per cup and variety of cup size. I think there’s a reason that Keurig have remained number one in their category for so many years – they know what their customers want.

To all you diehard Starbucks coffee lovers, I think the Verismo is still a great option which produces a good coffee. If you are visiting Starbucks every day for your caffeine hit before work, why not save some money and make your own at home? You also have the ability to make cappuccinos and lattes which is an added bonus.

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