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How To Prepare A Leek – Simple Steps


Leeks are a versatile vegetable that add amazing flavor and texture to a wide range of dishes. Discover how to prepare a leek the quick and easy way. This video is part of our vegetable preparation series that’s perfect for beginner home cooks.

How to prepare a leek

Leeks are well known for getting dirt caught up under the layers. You’ll need to get rid of this and the best way is simply to cut off the root and rinse under running water until it’s clean.

To slice a leek simply cut horizontally into ¼ to ½” pieces. You can also cut the leek lengthwise then place the flat side down. Slice the leek horizontally to get smaller slices.

Leeks have a useful extra benefit. You can use the outside layer of the leek for a bouquet garni. Wrap some thyme, basil, bay leaf and the leaves from celery in the leek and tie with baking twine. Add to stock and casseroles to enhance the flavor profile.

To find out how to prepare a leek view the video.

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