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How To Peel Tomatoes – Super Fast Technique


Peeled tomatoes are the perfect ingredient for tomato sauce, soups, casseroles and juice. Ridding your life of those unpleasant pieces of skin will make your dishes infinitely better.

Learning how to peel tomatoes will only take a few minutes and it’ll save you a tonne of preparation time. Once you’ve watched this video, using fresh tomatoes in your favorite recipes will be a simpler, quicker process.

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How To Peel Tomatoes

To peel tomatoes, in seconds, without the frustration of the skin falling apart, you’ll need a tomato or paring knife and some boiled water. Add your tomatoes to a large bowl and cover with the hot water. Leave them in the water for about thirty seconds before removing. For very ripe fruit you’ll find that the skin will start to split faster. Harder, green skins may need extra time.

After removing your tomatoes from the water lightly score each of them lengthwise. Now, de-skinning is made easy! Use the knife edge and your thumb to peel off segments of skin in seconds.

Scoring the tomatoes will be made easier with a sharp knife. Be sure to use the blade with caution – losing part of a finger is never advisable.

To learn more about removing tomato skins watch the video above.