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How To Dice An Onion – Essential Technique

A bowl of diced onions next to a knife.

Dicing an onion for the first time can be surprisingly challenging. Keeping the slices from sliding apart in every direction will be nearly impossible without the correct technique.

Watch this video to learn how to dice an onion. you’ll discover a simple cutting technique that works like a charm every time. This is also ideal for anyone who is tired of uneven onion pieces and wants to chop the perfect cube without a fancy appliance.

How to dice an onion

Most knives will do the job but a very sharp blade will allow beautifully cut pieces that aren’t torn. The smart home-chef will opt for a knife that is optimised for vegetable preparation. A usuba or nakiri knife will serve you well for many years and make any vegetable chopping task easy work.

  1. Slice the onion in half from top to bottom then peel the outer layer of skin from each half. You can slice off the end but it’s crucial to leave the root intact. This will hold the whole onion together as you slice it.
  2. Place the onion flat side down and slice 3-4 horizontal cuts through the onion, making sure not to slice all the way through. Next slice downwards vertically, all the while holding the onion firmly so that it maintains its shape.
  3. Finally slice downwards the other way to create nice even cubes. Discard the leftover root and then repeat with the other half.

We also demonstrate the technique of slicing an onion here.