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How To Chop Cucumber – Basic Techniques


Do you want to learn how to chop a cucumber? In this video, we provide a range of chopping, slicing and dicing techniques to get you started. From basic slices for your next salad or sandwich, through to some fancy looking garnishes that will impress your guests.

Some of these techniques require a very sharp knife so please take care of your fingers.

How to chop cucumber

Before you start cutting, remember to rinse the cucumber in cold water to remove any dirt or spray. You can slice cucumbers with their skin on as this part of the vegetable contains a lot of the nutritional goodness. However, if you’re not a fan then simply use a peeler to remove the skin.

The most common cutting technique is to simply slice the cucumber horizontally into ¼” to ½” pieces. You can use these chunks for salads or sandwiches.

To dice a cucumber cut it in half lengthwise and place one of the halves flat side down. Slice into four lengths then slice horizontally to create neat, even sized cubes.

Use a peeler to create nice looking slithers that can be wrapped around fish, bacon, cheese and other delicious ingredients.

To get all the techniques watch the video!