As summer kicks into full swing each year, we are always amazed at how many varieties of tomato exist. The ones we see at farmer’s markets and the supermarket are only a small proportion of all the types that can be grown. Perhaps that’s a good thing? Understanding what tomato is suited to each job in the kitchen can be daunting.

Which tomato is best for juicing? What tomato is needed to create the perfect burger? Does it even matter? Chefs will tell you it matters a lot. Tomatoes vary in acidity, saltiness, flavor intensity, juice levels and seed content; there’s a lot more that sets them apart too so it’s time to up your tomato knowledge. Your next Caprese salad will thank you for it.

How to choose a tomato

The good news is, we’ve reached out to our helpful cooking groups. We asked for their opinion on what tomato is best for a range of uses in the kitchen. We then compiled the answers into a primitive sort of flow-chart; that’s right, mathematics was never our strong point at school.

You’ll notice some classics that never go out of favor. Cherry, roma, vine ripened, and beefsteak are fantastic options. Be sure to also test out some of the lesser known types like Amos Coli and Kumato. We provise they won’t disappoint your taste buds.

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A flowchart for choosing a suitable tomato variety.
How to choose the right tomato for cooking with.

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