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How Many Calories In Ice Cream? Battle Of The Brands

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It’s accepted that ice cream isn’t the healthiest dessert on the menu. But some are worse than others. So which brands are acceptable and which are “over the top” when it comes to calorie content? We decided to compile the caloric intake of half a cup of ice cream sold by the leading brands in the United States. These are the results, sorted from lowest to higher calories.

There are hundreds of products on the market, so we didn’t include every pint currently available in stores. In general, Haagen-Dazs was the least healthy based on calories; Halo Top stood above the other brands in our test. Check out our table and decide which brand is best for your household, based on the calories.

Halo TopVanilla70
Halo TopBirthday Cake75
Halo TopChocolate 75
Halo TopPistachio 75
Halo TopStrawberry75
Halo TopCookies n Cream83
Halo TopChocolate Chip Cookie Dough90
BreyersChocolate 98% fat free92
BreyersVanilla 98% fat free93
DreyersCoffee Light105
BreyersVanilla light110
BreyersFrench vanilla light118
TalentiVanilla Cinnamon (Less Sugar)120
TalentiMint Cookie Crunch (Less Sugar)120
TalentiChocolate Fudge Swirl (Less Sugar)120
DreyersButter Pecan Light120
DreyersChocolate Light120
DreyersChocolate Chip Light120
Turkey HillVanilla Bean Premium128
BreyersPeach 130
Edy’s GrandReal Strawberry130
BreyersCherry Vanilla140
DreyersDouble Vanilla140
Edy’s GrandCoffee140
Edy’s GrandVanilla Bean140
Turkey HillChocolate Premium143
Turkey HillMoose Tracks Reduced Fat143
BreyersChocolate 150
Turkey HillMango All Natural150
Turkey HillCookies n Cream Premium150
DreyersFrench Vanilla150
DreyersCookie Dough150
Edy’s GrandFudge Swirl150
Edy’s GrandVanilla15
Edy’s GrandChocolate 150
Turkey HillSalted Caramel All Natural158
Turkey HillVanilla Bean All Natural158
Blue BellDutch Chocolate160
BreyersRocky Road160
BreyersDulce de Leche160
BreyersFrench Vanilla160
BreyersCookies n Cream160
DreyersCookies n Cream160
Edy’s GrandCookies n Cream160
Haagen-DazsCoconut 170
Blue BellMint Chocolate170
BreyersAlmond Joy170
BreyersButter pecan 170
BreyersChocolate Chip170
DreyersMint Choc Chip170
DreyersRocky Road170
Edy’s GrandRocky Road170
Edy’s GrandMint Choc Chip170
Turkey HillChocolate Chip All Natural173
Turkey HillMint Choc Chip All Natural173
Ben and Jerry’sHalf Baked180
Blue BellVanilla180
Blue BellCookies n Cream180
Ben and Jerry’sMint and Cookies Light200
Ben and Jerry’sStrawberry210
Haagen-DazsPeaches and Cream240
Haagen-DazsRum raisin 270
Haagen-DazsVanilla 270
Ben and Jerry’sPhish Food280
Ben and Jerry’sKaramel Sutra280
Ben and Jerry’sOne Sweet Whirled280
Haagen-DazsCreme brulee280
Ben and Jerry’sUncanny Cashew290
Ben and Jerry’sVanilla Caramel Fudge290
Haagen-DazsPistachio 290
Haagen-DazsMint chip 300
Haagen-DazsBlack walnut300
Haagen-DazsMacadamia Brittle300
Haagen-DazsRocky Road300
Haagen-DazsButter pecan310
Haagen-DazsVanilla Choc Chip310
Ben and Jerry’sEverything But The…320
Haagen-DazsTriple Chocolate 330
Haagen-DazsEnglish Toffee350
Haagen-DazsChocolate Peanut butter360

Are you interested in making your own ice cream so that you can control the calories? Check out our homemade ice cream guide for everything you need to know.