When it comes to cookies there’s no such thing as a bad one – they’re either good or great. If you’re baking at home and want to get your cookies to the status of “great”, then they can’t just taste good, they need to look good. Making cookies that are perfectly uniform is simple with a cookie press.

This article will provide you with some solid research on the best cookie press brands and how they measure up. I hope it helps.

A quick summary of the best

 Overall RatingCategory
Marcato Atlas DeluxeA++Best Premium
Oxo Good GripsA+Best Mid-Price

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What is a cookie press?

A cookie press, also known as cookie gun, is a handheld tool that squeezes cookie dough through a variety of shapes to create impressive looking biscuits. There are a huge selection of shapes at your disposal, from flowers to sports equipment, monkeys to hearts. Kids adore the shapes and I’m convinced most adults love them too.

The cookie press looks like a mini version of a caulking gun. If you’ve ever renovated your house you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The cookies you end up with are known as spritz cookies which means “squirt” in German. The name refers to the fact that you squirt out the dough into different shapes. [Source]

How does it work?

The cookie press is a simple tool. It consists of a tube which houses the dough; a handle is at one end which you squeeze to force out the dough; and finally the tip which allows the user to change the disc to create different shapes cookies.

Top benefits

• achieve perfectly shaped, uniform cookies every time.
• create intricate, exciting shapes that you couldn’t do by hand.
• produce lots of cookies fast.
• provide kids with a fun activity in the kitchen.

Cookie press fact
The cookie press has been around hundreds of years.

How we chose the top choice

Online research

3 hours: Online research on Amazon, Reddit and Google Reviews to discover the leading products and what people think of them.

Group discussion

2 hours: I reached out to my baking groups on Facebook and Reddit to get their opinions on my shortlist of products. I also wanted to ensure I hadn’t missed anything.

Practical testing at home

4 hours: Home testing of the shortlisted cookie presses. I purchased or borrowed six cookie presses and gave them a solid workout. Using a range of shapes, I tested each press looking at a range of criteria. After pumping out 3 dozen cookies with each press it was clear which options worked best.

What to look for in a cookie press

The perfect cookie press doesn’t exist. Each user has different needs; what’s important to you, may not be for the next person. I recommend you check out the following criteria and base your decision on which of these are most important to you.

1. Consistent cookie shaping

The biggest benefit a press offers is perfectly shaped cookies, every time. If your press doesn’t provide this, it’s time to look for a different product.

Surprisingly, not every cookie press will give you the same neat, tidy shapes. Certainly, as the price point reduces, so too does the shape quality of some models.

2. Manual Vs Electric

There are pros and cons to each of these presses. A manual cookie press will cost you less than the electric version and they’re easier to use. I think the biggest benefit to choosing a manual press is that you can force thick, heavy dough through the nozzle. Most electric models are designed to pump out cookies made from thinner spritz dough.

If you aren’t on a tight budget and you’ll be making cookies out of dough that isn’t too heavy, then electric may be a viable option. You’ll be able to produce vast quantities of perfect looking cookies – hearts, faces, animals, flowers and much more. Next fundraiser you’ll be the star of the event thanks to your exquisite looking sweet treats!

3. Durability

The materials used to make a cookie press vary by brand and some will last better than others. Choose a press that uses stainless steel or aluminum to avoid any problems with rust. These metals also tend to take the knocks and feel sturdy in the hand, even after squeezing out 150 cookies!

Heavy duty plastic is your next best option and these models tend to be cheaper. If you aren’t going to be producing cookies for the masses, then a plastic product will do the job fine. Remember to choose a BPA-free option.

4. Cookie press discs

If you’re going to invest in a cookie press then you’ll want a decent selection of discs; enough to create a new shaped cookie for every week of the year would be a nice start! All thing being equal, you’ll want to choose the cookie press with the maximum number of discs.

Note: look for discs that are die-cut and are built to last.

5. Aesthetics

This won’t be the most important feature for many; but if you’ve got the budget, why not choose a sleek looking stainless steel tool that looks impressive as it pumps out dough.

6. Capacity of chamber

A larger chamber will make life a lot easier because you won’t have to constantly refill with dough. Keep in mind, the larger units can be difficult for kids to handle. If you have kids that are itching to use the cookie press, you may want to opt for a smaller chamber so that they can handle it easier.

7. Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a cookie press can be a little challenge – the die-cut discs, nozzle and chamber have some hard to reach places. Choosing a dishwasher-safe press is your best bet to save time and reduce headaches.

Christmas cookies shaped like stars sitting on a plate.
A cookie press makes Xmas cookies a breeze.

What's the best cookie press?

1. HGHMLIFE Cookie Press

Number of disc shapes: 16
Number of decorating tips: 6
Weight: 11.4 oz

This was our pick for the best inexpensive cookie press. It offers an excellent user experience thanks to its pistol grip handle – the home baker can easily hold the grip and extrude cookies with ease.

There are also a large number of discs to create a wide range of cookie shapes. Add to that, a set of icing tips and you have a solid product.

This product is manufactured from plastic which has its pros and cons. The good news: it’s easy to see how much dough is left in the chamber. Keep in mind that plastic isn’t the most robust material and if you intend producing a lot of cookies, it may not last the distance.

The Pros

Low cost
Transparent barrel
Ergonomic handle

The Cons

Not as robust as other models

Check Price on Amazon

2. Marcato Atlas Deluxe

Model: 8307RD
Number of disc shapes: 20
Weight: 1.8 pounds

This Italian manufactured product is our pick for the best premium cookie press. From the moment you unbox this product you’ll notice the high quality stainless steel chamber and aluminum die-cut discs. This press “looks the goods” and is built to last. Just keep in mind it isn’t dishwasher safe so you’ll have to wash it by hand.

The design allows you to easily put together the parts and then pull apart after use. It may seem a minor feature; but if you intend making biscuits frequently then you’ll save a lot of time.

My favorite feature of the Marcato is that the size of the cookie can be adjusted. Produce a large batch of small cookies if there are a herd of kids coming over for a party. Dial up the size to maximum for large cookies. Personally, I loved the large size and could eat them all day if I was allowed!

The Pros

Powerful enough to pump out thick dough
Great selection of disc shapes
Quality materials and design
Easy to assemble/disassemble
Adjustable cookie sizes
Produced the best looking, perfect shapes.

The Cons

Not dishwasher safe
Not priced for the budget conscious

Check Price on Amazon

3. Oxo Good Grips

Model: 1257580
Number of disc shapes: 12
Weight: 1.5 pounds

The Oxo Good Grips cookie press offers an excellent mid-priced unit that has some useful features. To start with, the cylinder is transparent so you can easily see how much dough is left. It’s also easy to see if there are any gaps or air bubbles in the dough. This is important because any gaps result in poorly formed cookies.

The Oxo press comes with a good selection of 12 stainless steel discs; enough to let your creativity go wild. The best part about this set? The discs come in a plastic case so you never have to deal with lost discs again. Trust me; this happens a lot if you don’t have a convenient box to store them in!


A good selection of discs
Additional disc shapes available
Transparent cylinder
A nice looking cookie press

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4. Wilton Preferred

Model: 2104-2629
Number of disc shapes: 12
Weight: 1.4 pounds

The Wilton Preferred is an excellent option for anyone looking for a recognizable, quality brand without the high price tag.

Although this press is made from mostly plastic parts, it has a solid feel to it. The ergonomic handle will allow the user to produce large quantities of cookies without hand strain.

Included with this press are 12 discs which include some fun holiday themed shapes. You may be pleased to know that includes a Christmas tree, perfect for those festive season cookies.

My biggest gripe with this press was the end result. Compared to other models, the Wilton produced fairly average shapes that didn’t have a lot of precision.

The Pros

Ergonomic handle
Creative disc shapes

The Cons

The cookies weren’t shaped well
Plastic parts may not last
Not dishwasher safe

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5. Kuhn Rikon Clear

Model: 2461CLB
Number of disc shapes: 14
Cake decorating tips: 6
Weight: 1.7 pounds

This cookie press stands out from its opposition by doubling as a decorating gun. You can make cookies using one of the 14 disc shapes, then ice them using one of the 6 icing tips. Kitchen innovation at its best.

The Kuhn Rikon comes with a box to store the various parts which is useful if you like an organised kitchen.

The Pros

Creative, wide selection of discs
Includes icing decorating tips
Case to house all the parts
Dishwasher safe

The cons

The discs aren’t dishwasher safe

Check Price on Amazon

6. KitchenAid

Model: 681041
Number of disc shapes: 12
Weight: 1.9 pounds

The KitchenAid cookie press gets points for its innovative design and sleek look. At a glace, it looks like it’d do a great job of pressing out cookies.

This model includes a spring loaded lever to help push out the dough. Unfortunately the biggest selling point of this press, the spring-loaded lever, doesn’t seem to work. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to get it to work but a lot of the dough simply didn’t come out of the chamber. Maybe I got unlucky but when I researched this further, it seems that this is a known issue.

Although the lever didn’t work as hoped, it did produce some nicely formed cookies.

The Pros

A good selection of discs
Dishwasher safe

The cons

Not built for purpose

Check Price on Amazon

Tips for using this device

  • Leave a one inch gap between each cookie on the baking sheet to allow for spreading out. You don’t want all your cookies to join together into one massive cookie (or do you?).
  • When adding dough to the tube of the press, use a spoon to push it down and ensure there are no air pockets.
  • Squeeze the cookies directly onto the baking sheet rather than dropping them from a height.
  • Use a lined baking tray without greasing or spraying with oil. The cookies won’t form the way they’re supposed to if the baking paper is greased.
  • Avoid using ingredients like raisins or chocolate chips in your dough. You won’t be able to pump them through the tip of the press.
  • Choose an appropriate dough recipe that is designed for using in a cookie press. It needs to be the right consistency, runnier than the dough you’re used to when making cookies by hand.
  • Clean the press immediately after using it to save a lot of headache trying to clean it.
  • Place all parts in the original box to make sure nothing gets lost.

The Final Verdict

Baking cookies is a fun activity that all ages can get involved in. Kids love shaping out the dough and sneaking the occasional piece to eat. But when you need to bake a lot of them or you want to shape perfect looking cookies then a quality cookie press is what you need. It will help you get the job done right.

All the products mentioned on this page have their strengths (and weaknesses), but if I had to recommend one, it’d be the Marcato 8307 Atlas Deluxe thanks to its quality build and the impressive looking cookies it makes.

What I love about the cookie press is they’re a simple device with few moving parts. They’ll keep on serving for many years before needing to be replaced. My mother has her original set from the 1960s and it still gets brought out each Christmas. Happy baking!

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