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Can You Microwave Eggos? [Tested]

Girl eating Eggos waffles pointing at microwave

Eggos are a type of frozen waffle that is popular in the United States. Although they’re best cooked in a toaster, you may not always have access to one. This dilemma raises the question, can you microwave Eggos? We tested it in the kitchen and also reached out to Kelloggs to get their opinion.

Are Eggos suitable for microwaving?

From our testing, frozen Eggos can be heated in a microwave for 30 seconds on high, then flipped and heated for a further half-minute. Keep in mind the waffle’s texture will be a little soggy and there won’t be crispy edges as you’d get from toaster-cooked Eggos.

The variety of Eggo has an impact on the cooking time. Thirty seconds on each side is best for the original type, while pancakes and some of the smaller kids Eggo products, will only need half the cook time. The larger Thick and Fluffy variety may need a little extra time in the microwave.

Take extreme care when cooking Stuffed Bites in the microwave. The chocolate and strawberry fillings will get very hot and could explode. To avoid this cut a small vent into the waffle to allow any steam to escape. Allow sufficient cooling time before eating.

How to cook Original Eggos in the microwave

We suggest trying to find a toaster to cook Eggos, but if that’s not an option then follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. Cover a microwave-safe plate in paper towels and then position one or two Eggos next to each other.
  2. Heat the waffles for 30 seconds then flip them over. They shouldn’t be scorching hot at this stage but take care when turning them.
  3. Return the plate and heat for another 30 seconds, keeping a close eye on them. They may need to be removed early if they start popping or sizzling excessively.
  4. Remove from the microwave and discard the paper towels. Add your favorite toppings like maple syrup, fruit, peanut butter, or bacon and eggs. Serve as a hearty breakfast, lunch, or a no-fuss dessert.

Quick cooking tip: Heating times will vary depending on your microwave oven’s power and the Eggos variety. It’s easy to pop an undercooked waffle back in for 15 seconds but take care not to overdo them as their texture will be unpleasant.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you cook Eggos in the toaster?

The Eggos recipe on the pack recommends using a toaster to cook them. Set your toaster to the lowest setting to ensure they are heated through, without burning on the outside. You can also toast them using a toaster oven; this will allow you to make a whole box in one go for family or friends.

Eggos in toaster

Can you cook Eggos in the oven?

To cook Eggos in a conventional oven, preheat to 400°F (200°C). Place the frozen waffles on a baking sheet, side by side, and bake for 5-10 minutes. Check that they have a crispy exterior before carefully removing them from the oven.

Once cooked, you can place the Eggos on a plate and cover with foil before transferring to the oven on its lowest setting. This is a great option for keeping them warm until it’s time to eat. 

Can you cook Eggo waffles on the stove?

Eggos are suitable for cooking on the stovetop in a skillet or pan. To achieve perfectly crunchy edges, try coating both sides of the waffle in butter. Fry them on medium-high heat, flipping occasionally with a fish slice, until both sides are deliciously golden brown. 

Can you cook Eggos in the air fryer?

Eggos are excellent cooked in an air fryer at 360°F (180°C) without oil spray. Add the waffles to the air fryer basket, making sure they are in a single layer, then heat for four minutes. Flip them over and continue frying for about two minutes. 

Air fryer waffles

How to reheat waffles

If you leave waffles on the table and they’re cold, a short zap in the microwave for 15 seconds should be enough to revive them. Check their temperature and, if necessary, continue reheating in 15-second bursts.

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Summing up

People in North America have grown up with Eggos for decades and enjoy them for a simple to make breakfast. Factors like Coronavirus lockdowns and the popular series Stranger Things (which features Eggos prominently) have causes Eggo sales to soar.

If you’ve got no toaster, then we recommend frying in a pan, baking in the oven, or even air frying as your best options. You can use a microwave if it’s all you’ve got in the kitchen. However, they won’t have that same crispy exterior and the texture may be a little soggy.

Take care not to burn yourself, especially if you’re cooking Stuffed Bites. The filling will be extremely hot and could cause serious burns.