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What Do Blue Java Bananas Taste Like?

Blue java banana taste

Blue Java bananas, aka ice cream bananas, may not be as well-known as the Cavendish variety, but they can certainly hold their own in the fruit kingdom. Their skin is an alluring blue shade and they are commonly grown in tropical climates like Southeast Asia, Hawaii, and Central America.

Would you like to know what Blue Java bananas taste like? We’re about to provide the details on their flavor, texture, and uses in the kitchen. This is a hype-buster review that may fly in the face with some other descriptions of this fruit.

What does a Blue Java banana taste like?

The creamy white flesh of a Blue Java banana is a milder-tasting version of the regular variety. Their texture is creamier, denser, and much juicier than everyday Cavendish bananas. This combination creates a mouthfeel similar to ice cream, especially if the fruit has been chilled.

The Blue Java flavor is supposedly similar to vanilla ice cream or custard, like the ice cream bean. However, when we did a taste test, they didn’t share the same flavor notes as vanilla ice cream. It was more the texture that had similarities. The flavor has a berry undertone and higher levels of tartness and sweetness than the bananas sold in supermarkets.

It’s worth pointing out that a lot of the pictures you see online have been edited to enhance their blue shade. Once Blue Java bananas ripen, they transform into a stock-standard yellow shade that looks like a regular ladyfinger banana. So, if you’re ordering bananas online and are excited to receive them, be prepared – they won’t look like the ones you see online. On the positive side, as these fruits mature, the sweetness intensity increases.

Culinary uses

The blue Java banana can be used in much the same way Cavendish bananas are used. They are delicious added to smoothies or used in baked goods like banana bread.

The creamy, icecream-like texture that you get from a Blue Java is perfect for cool desserts. They make an excellent “nice cream” – the ideal low-calorie, natural dessert for kids or adults trying to eat well. Alternatively, slice the fruit up and add it to a selection of other tropical fruit for a mouth-watering, healthy fruit salad.

The Blue Java banana can also be used in savory recipes. They pair perfectly with pineapple and chicken in the crockpot to make Hawaiian chicken.

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Where to buy

Finding these fruits can be a challenge unless you’re living in a tropical climate. If you’re based in Florida, then you may find them at a local fruit market. There are also online sellers of this fruit variety, such as Miami Fruit, that will ship to most parts of the United States.

Tip: If you live in a warm climate call you may want to consider growing your own tree.

Fast facts about Blue Java bananas

  • They are also known as ice cream bananas, Krie, Cenzio, Hawaiian bananas, Ney Mannan, and blue bananas.
  • Their peel is a strange blue tinge that comes from the natural waxy coating. By the time the fruit is ripe, this color has usually disappeared.
  • They are fatter than regular bananas and the flesh is whiter with a mushier appearance.
  • Blue Javas are a hybrid of the Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana species. Their scientific name for this plant is Musa acuminata × balbisiana ‘Blue Java’.

Summing up

Blue Java bananas are a delicious type of banana that have an amazingly creamy, dense texture that resembles ice cream. Their flavor is sweeter and tarter than regular Cavendish bananas and they have a subtle berry taste.

If you’re considering trying them for the first time then we strongly urge you to give them a try if they’re available. The team at Cuisinevault thinks this variety is superior to the ones sold in the supermarket based on color, flavor, and texture.

It’s important not to get too caught up in the images that get posted on social media. The fruit does have a subtle blue tinge when they’re hanging in a bunch on the tree, unripe. But by the time you’ve got them home to the kitchen they’ll look like regular yellow bananas. Don’t let this stop you from buying them though. They are one of the best fruits on offer and will appeal to even the fussiest eater.

Are you looking to buy a bunch of Blue Java bananas? Perhaps you’ve got some spare space and are looking to plant a tree? Please let us know in the comments below.